Metropolitan Ballroom
2935 Providence Rd. Suite #200
Charlotte, NC 28211


12:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Finding More Comfort in Close Embrace
Do you ever feel restricted by the embrace? Walk away from dancing with your back hurting? Or maybe you would like to become a more sought after dancer?  Let's explore ways to find a more comfortable, yet active and dynamic close embrace, creating a more relaxed and fluid dance. Be the partner that you'll never forget.

Musical Variations for Milonga
An exploration of different musical elements of milonga, with technique and movements to accompany those moments. Love milonga?  -Let's dig deeper and make our milonga even more fun and interesting! Milonga shy? let us help you find your groove.

**MILONGA MALEVA** (not included in package)
  9:00 pm

  THIS IS NOT a BYOB event 
  Wine/Beer Bar on Site
  Snacks Provided

    12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Fun Variations of the Cross
We tend to develop habits in our dance. The cross is notoriously a place this happens. Let's take a look at some interesting, more unique ways to invite the cross. Break out of the box.

Let's Get Melodic
Many dancers easily hear the rhythmic elements in the music and tend to dance on the rhythm. Can you hear the melody? Create more interesting moments in your dance. Tips and exercises to help identify and dance more in the melody. Take on a new perspective of your favorite music, you'll love it even more.
Passion For Tango is very happy to host two great dancers and tango professors

Tate Di Chiazza of Buenos Aires & Karen Jaffe of Asheville, NC
August 19-20, 2017

Fun and approachable, Tate & Karen bring many years of experience into their teaching with clear, precise information in a relaxed and fun environment. Heavy on technique but with focus on communication, the natural flow of the energy from lead to follow, as well as the relative position and the timing for any given movement... with a healthy dose of playfulness!

For more information about their experience as teachers and tango dancers please visit:

Tate -- http://tatetango.blogspot.com/
Karen -- http://www.tangogypsies.com/
The pass includes 4 classes for both Saturday & Sunday

$80 per person for all classes or
$25 per person for each class a la carte (register at the door for individual classes but RSVP to Kasia)

Private Classes Available at $100/hour on Friday August 18th & Monday August 21.
Contact Kasia at 704-236-6562 to schedule your private class.

If you prefer to register by check, please make check payable to Daniel Arredondo and mail to:
6451 Mounting Rock Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28217

Questions: Contact Kasia at Kasiuli@Yahoo.com or call 704-236-6562